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AI for the Public Sector is Incredibly Exciting — and a Little Misunderstood

We’re hearing and reading a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) these days. For that reason, we decided to explore how the technology might be used by public-safety and justice organizations during our fourth annual Conference for Advancing the Public Sector (CAPS).

The Scariest Public Sector Cybersecurity Trends Part 2

A previous blog explored one of the scariest trends about cybersecurity in the public sector, which is that many organizations still do not have it on their radar screens. However, this clearly is beginning to change due to several high-profile cyberattacks that occurred in the last couple of years. More evidence of this change can be found in the fact that cybersecurity was a hot topic at this year’s NENA and APCO conferences.

The Scariest Cybersecurity Trends Impacting the Public Sector

A recent article examined two of the scariest cybersecurity trends currently impacting public-sector organizations and their networks and systems.

One concern is the fact that public-sector organizations only recently have started to understand the severity of the cybersecurity problem.

Key Takeaways from 2023 APCO — Wrap Up

Last week, MCP subject-matter experts blanketed the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) conference in Nashville. This final blog of a three-part series wraps up what they learned. Read more key takeaways in last week’s blogs Part 1and Part 2.

Key Takeaways from 2023 APCO – Part 2

MCP subject-matter experts blanketed the annual Association of Public Safety Officials conference in Nashville this week to gain insights into emergency response's short- and long-term future. A blog posted on Tuesday identified a few of the key takeaways from the first two days. This blog covers days three and four.

Key Takeaways from 2023 APCO – Part 1

MCP subject-matter experts are blanketing the annual Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials conference

Thinking of Drones as First Responders is an Important Leap Forward

Unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, have been slow to fulfill their potential to enhance emergency response. However, drones use has grown exponentially since 2016 to more than 5,000

Twelve Must-Know Steps for Threat and Vulnerability Management

As individuals, we take numerous protective steps throughout the year, e.g., buying insurance, monitoring credit, getting annual physicals and flu shots, getting dental x-rays and routine

Learn the Ins and Outs of Cloud Implementations for Public-Sector Agencies in Our Latest Podcasts

The “cloud” still seems to be a thing of mystery to many in the public sector. To help unravel the mystery, MCP created three podcasts, which can be found on our website, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

MCP’s Acquisition of MTG Management Consultants: One Year Later

Exactly one year ago, MCP announced the acquisition of Seattle-based MTG Management Consultants, which today is known as our Justice, Management, and Technology (JMT) services team. This acquisition has generated enormous benefits for our clients and the firm over the past 12 months.

New Podcast Offers Numerous Ideas to Solving the 911 Community’s Staffing Problems

Dutch folklore recounts the story of a little boy who plugs a hole that formed in a dike, using only his finger, to keep his town from flooding — he stays in place through the night despite the cold and becomes a hero. If this story were applied to today’s 911 community, the boy would need to use multiple digits or would need a few of his pals to help out.

Newest Podcast Covers the 911 Community’s Biggest Issues — CAD System Inconsistency, the Staffing Crisis, and More

For more than a half century, the 911 system in the United States has performed admirably, saving countless lives in the process. But today it needs some work. A migration to Next Generation 911, which represents a quantum leap forward in terms of capabilities compared with the legacy 911 system, is what we hear about most often. But several other key aspects require equally rapt attention.

Recently I participated in a podcast with Laurie Flaherty, the recently retired coordinator of the National 911 Program, and John Chiaramonte, president of Mission Critical Partners' consulting business, in which a few of the most pressing needs were discussed. (Click here to view the podcast, or view it as video here.)