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Implementing a Real-Time Crime Center — Key Considerations

In a previous post, my colleague Jack Dougherty made a strong case for why implementing a real-time crime center generally is a good idea.

Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: Intrado 911 Emergency Gateway

As part of our effort to inform our clients about potential and serious cybersecurity issues, MCP provides advisories about vulnerabilities and exploits that could threaten the operations of their critical communications networks.

Topics: Cybersecurity

The Case for Real-Time Crime Centers

When a law-enforcement organization is contemplating the implementation of a real-time crime center (RTCC), it is best to begin with an understanding of what an RTCC is — and isn’t.

Like Every Public-Safety Technology, Warning-and-Alerting Systems Continue to Evolve

The amount and type of natural and manmade emergencies that can threaten a community seemingly are unending. The following represents the proverbial tip of the iceberg:

Hugely Successful Swatting Masterclass Is a Prime Example of MCP’s Vision and Foresight

Since MCP’s founding 15 years ago, we’ve taken great pride in our ability to help our public-safety and justice clients prepare for the future, both short term and long term, mostly by knowing what’s coming around the corner before anyone else does.

Another Shining Accomplishment Is the NG911 Cost Study

This year, in a series of blog posts, we are revisiting some of the most impactful projects that MCP has supported over its first decade and a half of existence.

CJIS-Mandated Vulnerability-Management Deadline is Fast Approaching — Are You Ready?

Last December, the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division issued a mandate that law-enforcement organizations wanting to access its databases must have a cybersecurity vulnerability-management program in place by October of this year.

MCP Celebrates 15 Years: Anticipating What’s Coming Next Is a Huge Part of MCP’s Value to Clients

In the 15 years that MCP has existed, its subject-matter experts (SMEs)

Key Takeaways from IWCE 2024 — Part 2

In a previous post, we shared key observations of MCP subject-matter experts who recently attended the International Wireless Communications Expositions (IWCE). Here are a few more.

Even in Seemingly Diverse 911 Centers, Failure Points Still Exist

In a recent blog, my colleague Phil Rizzo made a strong case for 911 center diversity and suggested several ways to achieve it. His thoughts are based on the truism that network and system outages,

Recent Outages Reinforce the Need for 911 Center Diversity

How many botched light-pole installations does it take to cause 911 service interruptions across multiple states? This sounds like the beginning of a joke, 

Key Takeaways from IWCE - Part 1

MCP subject-matter experts blanketed the recently held International Wireless Communications Expositions (IWCE). The following are some of their most important observations.