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The Importance of an Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity is vitally important in today’s world of highly interconnected networks, systems, and devices. Every day it feels as if we’re barraged with a plethora of threats. Most of us want to try to get through the day without doing something that leads to a cyberattack that compromises infrastructure, disrupts operations, or leads to a data breach. Data breaches are especially egregious for public safety and justice organizations because of the sensitive data they possess. 

The Biggest Takeaways from ‘911 Goes to Washington’

Several MCPers recently attended the annual “911 Goes to Washington” event, where industry and government leaders converge in the nation’s capital to discuss today’s most pressing emergency-communications policy and funding issues, particularly those pertaining to the 911 community. This annual event is organized by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

Remembering Mike Milas, the Epitome of the Consummate Professional

When someone dies suddenly, as our Mike Milas did last week, there usually is a rush to say nice things about the person, even if it’s not entirely warranted. It’s just our nature. But that wasn’t the case with Mike. Saying nice things about him is incredibly easy and entirely true.

Tealeaves from the 2023 SEARCH Winter Meeting

Recently, MCP subject-matter experts, including me, attended a conference presented by SEARCH, the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics. For more than a half century, SEARCH

The Hot Topics at the 2023 NENA Standards & Best Practices Conference

The NG911 Standards and Best Practices Conference deep-dived into caller location, data security, swatting, and more

Tealeaves from eCourts 2022

Last week we attended eCourts 2022, a biennial conference that focuses on the technology needs of court systems and the personnel who work for them. Several trends quickly became apparent to us.

Cybersecurity Threat Advisory: New LockBit Ransomware Threat

A new critical security alert requires the mission-critical community’s immediate attention, and this one is regarding LockBit ransomware, which has become the prominent ransomware group based on its high volume of attacks in recent months.

Topics: Cybersecurity

Thinking of Drones as First Responders is an Important Leap Forward

Unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, have been slow to fulfill their potential to enhance emergency response. However, drones use has grown exponentially since 2016 to more than 5,000

How to Mitigate LMR Tower Site Challenges to Select the Optimal Location

A previous blog identified some of the most significant challenges that public-safety organizations face when trying to select a tower site that will deliver the largest signal coverage footprint.

LMR System Tower Site Selection is Fraught with Challenges

In theory, selecting where to place land mobile radio (LMR) system towers is a straightforward and easy endeavor — simply choose the location that will deliver the largest signal coverage footprint. But in reality, site selection is anything but easy.