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MCP Enables State of Iowa Pilot Project to Bidirectionally Share Inmate Health and Healthcare Data

In Summary:

  • Today the corrections community shares health information through a patchwork of hard-copy paper reports, faxes, and, in some instances, emailed documents and information. Jail administrators often comment about "scrambling" to identify an inmate's healthcare providers and health history.
  • The state turned to Mission Critical Partners to build data exchanges that ensure secure and timely information sharing between offender management systems and electronic health record/medical record systems healthcare providers use.
  • MCP leveraged its data integration capabilities to build a consistent, simplified interface to exchange data. Also applied was MCP's DataSphere integration solution to address governance, architecture, and technology requirements between the many-to-many information-sharing arrangements.


Structured like most states, Iowa's correctional community has county jails and a state department of corrections (DOC). Both the jails and the Iowa DOC need to provide healthcare data for inmates. They must manage the inmate population in a manner that minimizes the potential spread of infectious disease, including but not limited to COVID-19. Correctional facilities also need to provide updated healthcare information to community providers if or when an offender goes on probation, pre-trial supervision, or is released outright to the community.

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Episode 6: Data-Driven Criminal Justice

MCP's informational podcast series features the firm’s subject-matter experts and other industry leaders exploring a wide range of timely topics pertaining to mission-critical communications.

The sixth episode on the MCP Podcast Network is entitled “Data-Driven Criminal Justice.” This episode explores how data integration can improve the criminal justice process and result in better information and more effective and data-driven decision-making. Every criminal justice agency is dependent on its partners, whether it be courts, prosecutors, corrections, law enforcement, or any other partners for information to be there in a timely manner. Additional topics of discussion include:

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Posted on February 10, 2021

MCP's Support of Iowa CJIS Helps to Make the Program 'Irreplaceable'

In Summary

  • The State of Iowa Criminal Justice Information System (Iowa CJIS) is a system of systems designed to enable the integration and sharing of information between the state’s criminal justice organizations, seamlessly and securely, in real time.
  • URL Integration, who became part of Mission Critical Partners in 2020, built the Iowa CJIS from the ground up and today, continue to support the program, which is providing incalculable benefits
  • The program has increased the amount of information being shared across the state’s criminal-justice community and has improved the data of accuracy being sent, among other benefits

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On-Demand Webinar: Trends in RMS Technology and the Transition to NIBRS

Records-management is a cornerstone of effective policing. In today’s data-rich environment, a records-management system (RMS) with robust data-mining capabilities is critical to managing information and maintaining accurate records to keep communities safe. It is also critical for law enforcement agencies to have the ability to effectively share those records and data to support improved crime reporting.

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On-Demand Webinar: Moving to NIBRS: Preparing Your Agency for Compliance and Options to Consider

In January 2021, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will stop collecting Uniform Crime Report (UCR) summary data and only collect data through the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). There are many questions, both technical and operational, about how agencies can meet the compliance deadline, especially when it comes to the challenges of report validation, personnel training and developing new, effective workflows.

During this session, Mission Critical Partners discusses the following:

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