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Information-Sharing Enterprise in Georgia Supported by MCP Improves Efficiency, Data Quality

In Summary: 

  • The State of Georgia's criminal justice community knew that it needed to improve data quality
  • While the project started small, it was soon realized that sustainable statewide improvements would significantly improve the flow of data and information throughout the criminal case lifecycle
  • The ultimate goal of the program was to enhance and improve the criminal justice process by moving documents and information seamlessly between systems


When the Georgia Governor's Office charged a team of criminal justice stakeholders with measuring the efficiencies that could be gained from electronic court filing, statewide criminal justice stakeholders set out to find ways in which documents and information could be seamlessly shared between systems.


The stakeholders engaged Mission Critical Partners to create and implement a single information sharing-enterprise from a patchwork of diverse vendor systems.


The criminal justice and law enforcement community has witnessed a dramatic improvement in workflow and business processes, significant time-savings, and a reduction in errors in areas where the system has been implemented.

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Topics: Case Studies, Data Integration and Analytics, Criminal Justice

Posted on April 22, 2020

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