The Mission-Critical Resource Center

MCP Enables State of Iowa Pilot Project to Bidirectionally Share Inmate Health and Healthcare Data

In Summary:

  • Today the corrections community shares health information through a patchwork of hard-copy paper reports, faxes, and, in some instances, emailed documents and information. Jail administrators often comment about "scrambling" to identify an inmate's healthcare providers and health history.
  • The state turned to Mission Critical Partners to build data exchanges that ensure secure and timely information sharing between offender management systems and electronic health record/medical record systems healthcare providers use.
  • MCP leveraged its data integration capabilities to build a consistent, simplified interface to exchange data. Also applied was MCP's DataSphere integration solution to address governance, architecture, and technology requirements between the many-to-many information-sharing arrangements.


Structured like most states, Iowa's correctional community has county jails and a state department of corrections (DOC). Both the jails and the Iowa DOC need to provide healthcare data for inmates. They must manage the inmate population in a manner that minimizes the potential spread of infectious disease, including but not limited to COVID-19. Correctional facilities also need to provide updated healthcare information to community providers if or when an offender goes on probation, pre-trial supervision, or is released outright to the community.

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