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On-Demand Webinar: The Top Five Cybersecurity Priorities for Courts Leaders in 2023

MCP discusses how court leaders can shore up their cybersecurity without cutting off access to justice and breaking their IT budgets. This webinar, targeted at court system information technology (IT) professionals, identify the five most critical tactics for elevating a court system’s cybersecurity posture and preventing or mitigating a cyberattack.

Attendees will learn about five key priorities:

  • Situational awareness: conducting regular network, system, and device assessments to understand your exposure
  • Security by design: ensuring your new IT solutions enable access to justice without compromising the security of your court
  • Monitoring and threat response: leveraging industry standards and best practices to cost-effectively manage cybersecurity and rapidly mitigate threats
  • Continuity-of-operations: staging essential capabilities needed for effective continuity-of-operations/disaster-recovery planning
  • Partnering to win the war: engaging with cost-effective and standards-based cybersecurity and IT service providers

Panelists include:

Shay Cleary



Shay Cleary

Senior Project Manager, Justice Management Technology

Brad Smith-2



Brad Smith

Client Services Director, Justice and Courts

Jason Franks



Jason Franks

Cybersecurity Analyst




Frank Arico

Technical Services Director


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Topics: On-Demand Webinars, Criminal Justice

Posted on January 13, 2023

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