The Mission-Critical Resource Center

A Blueprint to Help Public Safety Organizations Understand Their Environments

 In Summary:

  • For public safety officials, the task of monitoring and assessing the myriad technological and operational factors that determine the center's success or failure is a big, complicated and time-consuming job.

  • Leaders need help understanding where their centers stand regarding factors such as cybersecurity, IT and networks, next generation 911 (NG911), staffing, and more.

  • MCP's Model for Advancing Public SafetySM, also known as MAPSSM, is a proprietary assessment program that helps assess a program against standards, best practices, and the collective knowledge of MCP's 115+ specialized public safety professionals.

It has become incredibly challenging to manage a public safety organization in the current environment. Two or three decades ago, officials might only have had to concern themselves with the land mobile radio (LMR) system used to dispatch first responders. However, as time passed new technologies emerged and then evolved, and things became considerably more complicated. 

Today's public safety operation contains a large number of applications, systems that are all interrelated and often interconnected, as well as numerous operational factors—such as organizational structure, recruitment and retention, GIS data maintenance and physical and cybersecurity.

For public safety officials responsible for monitoring, assessing and prioritizing the technical and operational factors that determine a center's success of failure is a big, complicated, time-consuming and seemingly impossible job. Recognizing this, Mission Critical Partners (MCP) developed an approach that enables officials to immediately discern and understand where their centers stand regarding all of the above factors and more—the Model for Advancing Public Safety, or MAPS.

This program enables public safety officials to determine, at a glance, where efforts and resources need to be placed to shore up areas of weakness and is an effective adjunct to a comprehensive assessment and recommendations report. Learn more about MCP's proprietary approach by downloading the whitepaper below.

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