MCP Launches Solutions to Address Public-Sector Staffing Shortages

Solutions are designed to alleviate nationwide staffing shortage in numerous ways, from improving recruiting and hiring to augmenting staffs on an interim basis

MCP in the News: How to Stem the 'Silver Tsunami'

This article is bylined by MCP's President and CEO Darrin Reilly. It originally appeared in American City & County.

MCP in the News: A Look at 9-1-1 ECC Staffing Challenges

This article originally appeared in MissionCritical Communications and can be viewed here.

Never has it been more difficult for emergency communications centers (ECCs) to function well.

John Chiaramonte Joins PPVAR Board of Directors

Will help guide the organization in its quest to improve the safety and effectiveness of the emergency response community by championing alarm verification prior to notification

MCP In the News: Study Proposes Organizational Changes for Volunteer, Career First Responders

MCP recently completed a project in Charles County, MD on the county's fire and emergency medical services that makes a number of recommendations to help the county reduce emergency response decision-making time and improve operational standards. MCP completed the first comprehensive review of the state of the county's fire and EMS capabilities in 15 years.

MCP In the News: Three-Digit Suicide Prevention 'Lifeline' Would Benefit Public-Safety Communications

MCP's Glenn Bischoff recently contributed an article on the FCC's proposal to create a three-digit number—988—for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This proposed three-digit number could improve call volumes in the nation's already overburdened 911 centers and help improve emergency response. 

Mission Critical Partners to Support Evolution of Central Oklahoma Governments’ 911 System

Mission Critical Partners to Assist with Implementing a Next Generation 911 System Across 21 Public Safety Answering Points in Central Oklahoma

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (June 25, 2019)—Mission Critical Partners (MCP), a leading public safety consulting and information technology (IT) support services firm, was selected by the 9-1-1 Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (9-1-1 ACOG) to support the development and implementation of a Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) system. Located in Oklahoma City, 9-1-1 ACOG provides vital emergency response services to the surrounding suburban and rural communities.