MCP In the News: Three-Digit Suicide Prevention 'Lifeline' Would Benefit Public-Safety Communications

MCP's Glenn Bischoff recently contributed an article on the FCC's proposal to create a three-digit number—988—for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. This proposed three-digit number could improve call volumes in the nation's already overburdened 911 centers and help improve emergency response. 

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MCP in the News: Marion-Ocala Communication Centers Need Communication

In September, MCP's Bonnie Maney presented the findings of an assessment of Ocala and Marion County's public safety communications. The results of the assessment identified three "priority one" recommendations for the County Commission to consider along withy additional recommendations to help the city and county overcome some of their most pressing public safety communications issues. Click here to read more about the assessment results and the next steps the city and county need to take in order to implement these recommendations.

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Topics: Operations, Company News

Posted on October 3, 2019