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This Month’s Cyberchat Shines a Light on the Rise of Ransomware

Posted on June 30, 2021 by Morgan Sava

Earlier this year, we ramped up our cybersecurity efforts by launching a series of monthly video chats in which we summarize the most recent threats, share information from entities such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and offer tips for preventing cyberattacks and mitigating them if they occur. This month’s Cyberchat video, which can be viewed below, contains some important information that public-sector and critical infrastructure agencies need to have.

Double the Attack, Double the Fees

Double-encryption ransomware attacks, which typically include cyberattackers encrypting a target’s data twice, at the same time or shortly after each other, are on the rise. In this month’s video, we explore how agencies can mitigate the risk of a double-encryption attack and begin the rebuilding process if one occurs.

Similarly, the ransomware underground economy, which consists of major malware developers, affiliates, and channel partners, is well developed, complex and growing by the minute. This month’s video explores this underground economy and the activities that are conducted within it.

Hackers Often Go Undetected for Long Time Periods

What is “dwell time” and why does it matter? Dwell time is the period during which a cyberattacker has undetected access in a network until the threat is detected or removed. According to industry heavyweights Sophos and Mandiant, dwell time appears to be shortening. In contrast, that does not necessarily mean that shorter dwell time equates to lesser damage—the reason is that ransomware is making up a larger percentage of cyberattacks, and it only takes minutes or seconds to do major damage. Learn more in this month’s CyberChat video.

This Month’s CyberTip: How Often Should You Conduct a Cybersecurity Assessment?

A cybersecurity assessment, i.e., a proactive analysis of your organization’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats before they happen, is critical. In this month’s CyberChat video, we explore how often you should conduct a cybersecurity assessment and how you should vet the selected solution provider.

As always, MCP’s cybersecurity subject-matter experts stand ready to help your agency with all of its cybersecurity needs, from network and system vulnerability assessments to developing comprehensive strategic plans, disaster-recovery plans and continuity-of-operations plans. Please reach out.

Mike Beagles is MCP’s platform and service product manager and a certified Cisco CyberOps associate. He has more than 13 years of IT and cybersecurity experience. Mike can be emailed at

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