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The Prescription for Thwarting Public Safety Cyberattacks

In Summary:

  • The FBI advises that it is no longer a question of if, but rather when, any individual public safety communications network is going to be attacked.
  • There is a lot that public safety agencies can do on their own to increase the difficulty of hacking their networks and lessening the effects of cyberattacks.
  • This whitepaper outlines a six-step treatment regimen, and discusses continuity-of-operations and disaster recovery.

A lot can go wrong with public safety communications networks from a cybersecurity perspective. 

This whitepaper offers suggestions regarding what agencies should be doing proactively to guard against the threats and to resolve them quickly should they occur. This includes implementing TFOPA-recommended tactics— identification/discovery, assess/prioritize, implement/operate, monitor/evaluate, test/ evaluate, and improve/evolve—as well as implementing continuity-of-operations and disaster-recovery plans.

While it is nearly impossible to prevent cyberattacks entirely, taking these steps will make it more difficult for hackers to lessen their impact on public safety communications networks when they do occur.

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