The Mission-Critical Resource Center

On-Demand Webinar: Social Media and Emergency Response

In 2018, Charleston County Consolidated 911 Center, Mission Critical Partners, RapidSOS, and RapidDeploy led a pilot project completed in September that tested the use of social media data in emergency response along with collaborators from the Penn State University.

During this on-demand webinar, program participants, along with moderator Glenn Bischoff, former editor from Urgent Communications, will discuss the program during a live, panel-style event. The major takeaways from the pilot program will be discussed as well as the implications for the public safety industry.

Topics of discussion include:

  • The why behind the pilot program and the vision in Charleston County
  • How social media is impacting emergency response on a broad scale
  • How social media was implemented in the Charleston County 911 Center for the pilot
  • Lessons learned from the pilot project
Webinar length: 45 minutes

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