The Mission-Critical Resource Center

On-Demand Webinar: Data Integration: Moving Beyond 512 Characters of Legacy Data

Next Generation 911 and public safety broadband are opening up new opportunities for consuming and sharing data in public safety—a situation previously unimaginable in this industry. Today, we're seeing several disruptive technologies penetrate the market such as device-based hybrid location (e.g. iOS12), connected car data (Uber), and social media. Home IoT, wearables and smart city sensors are on the horizon.

These new data sources present emergency communications centers with operational and technical challenges that must be addressed. Listen to our on-demand webinar for an engaging discussion on how public safety can harness this data to improve emergency response.

Key points of discussion include:

  • How to prioritize which public safety data sources are most important
  • How PSAP data can be technically integrated into display, transport and logging
  • How staffing, policies, SOPs and training will be impacted
  • Steps PSAPs should take to procure and implement data services
Webinar length: 45 minutes