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On-Demand Webinar: Maximizing Life-Saving Potential by Enhancing Outdoor Warning Systems

Outdoor warning systems (OWS) have played a crucial role in safeguarding communities for decades, serving as indispensable tools for alerting residents about impending disasters

Whitepaper: Exploring the Many Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities of Land Mobile Radio Systems

In the wake of high-profile cyberattacks on public-safety agencies, it's crucial to understand the vulnerabilities of land mobile radio (LMR) systems. Our whitepaper explores these risks and offers actionable strategies to

On-Demand Webinar: Cracking the Code of NG911 Deployment

Get ready to elevate your understanding of Next Generation 911 (NG911) systems and tackle the challenges of Next-Generation Core Services (NGCS) deployment! The webinar features Mission Critical Partners’, LLC (MCP) subject matter expert Robert Horne, who will discuss the intricacies of NG911 system implementation, particularly

Client Success Story: MCP Helps Michigan Emergency Communications District Advance 911 Center Regional Consolidation

MCP Helps Michigan Emergency Communications District Advance 911 Center Regional Consolidation.

Topics: Case Studies

Client Success Story: MCP Designs and Implements Award-Winning, Advanced Transportation Management System

MCP and MoDOT collaborated to create the MoDOT Management System (MMS), improving decision-making and efficiency.

Topics: Case Studies

Infographic: ESInet Design Checklist

ESInets are emergency services Internet Protocol networks that are used to transport and deliver 911 calls to NG911-compliant emergency communications centers. When designing such networks, the following essential steps should be taken:

Infographic: The Biggest Trends That Will Impact Public Safety

Mission Critical Partners surveyed industry representatives to determine the hottest trends impacting the public safety landscape in the next year. Trends are listed in order based on the volume of responses for each topic.

Whitepaper: Organizational Change Management in the Public Sector

Public-sector leaders face many challenges in transforming their organizations, including limited resources. MCP has developed an approach to organizational change management that focuses on the people-oriented aspects of meaningful and sustainable

Infographic: The Go-To Source For Wireless Communications Implementation Help

The public-safety sector relies heavily on land mobile radios (LMR) and Long-Term Evolution (LTE) systems. Voice-centric LMR systems remain vital to emergency response, whereas data-centric LTE systems are vital as well, as their information enhances situational awareness exponentially, allowing emergency responders to perform their jobs more effectively while ensuring their safety at the same time.

Infographic: Myth Busting – GIS & NG911

Geographic information systems (GIS) have been leveraged by public safety for years. But in the Next Generation 911 (NG911) environment, emergency callers are located via geospatial routing driven by GIS-generated data, substantially raising such systems' importance, and this infographic dispels the several myths that have emerged regarding GIS data.

Client Success Story: Assessment Helps Colorado County Address Emergency Communications Center’s Challenges

MCP subject-matter experts assessed and then helped to enhance a Colorado county’s public-safety facility, operations, and governance.

Topics: Case Studies