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Participate in the iCERT 2021 Data Integration Survey

Over the last 20 years, the public safety community increasingly has leveraged technological advances that enable better interoperability and data sharing. While decreased response times and increased situational awareness have resulted, there is still an opportunity for improvement. Many obstacles exist that prohibit complete end-to-end integration of data throughout the incident management lifecycle. Additionally, identifying the right data to be shared with the right person at the right time is essential to integrating data into the lifecycle. 

How Mission-Critical Organizations Can Leverage Penetration Testing to Protect Against Cyberattacks

Amid efforts to expose cybersecurity vulnerabilities in a network before an attacker does, penetration testing, also referred to as a pen test or a white-hat attack, continues to gain momentum as a viable means to detect weaknesses in an organization’s network infrastructure.

If the term penetration testing is foreign to you, it is not as intrusive as it sounds. The objective of a penetration test is to provide information technology (IT) and system managers with critically needed intelligence regarding their organization’s security vulnerabilities. Whether the testing is performed manually or via sophisticated automation tools, it is best conducted by a third party that can use the same tools many hackers rely on. Many of these tools are widely available, arming testers with a better understanding of how they can be used to attack an organization.