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The Nationwide NG911 Transition Requires State-Level Coordination and Vision

In Summary:

  • Today's legacy public safety communications systems are ill-suited to handle this increased data flow.

  • States that are making the most progress towards NG911 adoption share two main characteristics: strong statewide coordination and a statewide 911 strategic plan.

  • There are eight key areas that 911 state leaders should evaluate to identify potential deficiencies of a statewide 911 program.

Next Generation 911 (NG911) represents a significant leap forward for the emergency response sector primarily because it will deliver dramatically improved situational awareness to telecommunicators and field personnel. But the transition from legacy technology to NG911 is a difficult undertaking, especially when states try to go it alone. NG911 will require that state 911 authorities establish an effective leadership structure and then develop a comprehensive strategic plan to execute the migration.

Some of the nation's most progressive states have already begun their NG911 journey. NG911 will offer long-term economic benefits for states—eventually, it is expected that it will reduce the overall cost of 911 system operations. There are several fundamental elements that must be in place for states to begin implementing a successful statewide 911 program. States that are making the most progress share two main characteristics: strong statewide 911 coordination and oversight and a statewide 911 strategic plan. Together, these elements provide the foundation for successful NG911 implementations.

This whitepaper, "The Nationwide Transition to NG911 Requires State-Level Coordination and Vision," can be used as a starting point to build a strategic plan that educates stakeholders and decision-makers, advances legislation changes, and affirms the need for grant funding.

This whitepaper discusses:
  • Nationwide progress towards NG911
  • Fundamental elements of a successful statewide 911 program
  • The key pillars to NG911 success
  • The key to future technology initiatives
  • Statewide NG911 strategic planning