The Mission-Critical Resource Center

The Lean ECC: A Way to Make ECCs Better at What They Do

In Summary:

  • The emergency communications landscape is changing rapidly and emergency communications centers (ECCs) have adapted the way that they handle 911 calls and support emergency responders
  • Today, technology and science play a much larger role in the way ECCs operate — resulting in new approaches that are not only effective, but repeatable and scalable
  • One such approach, known as the lean ECC, focuses on removing extraneous steps in a center's workflows to help meet national standards 
  • This does not mean reducing staff — rather, this approach leverages an ECCs existing resources more efficiently to enhance the quantity and quality of what is being accomplished

The lean ECC concept was created to improve emergency response outcomes by making centers more efficient using the resources available. This white paper explores the lean ECC concept in depth and offers insights for overcoming the challenges to achieving it. 

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