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Next Generation 911: A Mission-Critical Transformation for Today's 911 System

In Summary:

  • Public safety communications is beginning to implement modern solutions to improve outcomes for 911 callers.

  • Next gen 911 is a standards-based, all IP emergency communications infrastructure that enables voice and multimedia 911 communications.

  • Failing to implement NG911 in a timely manner will increase costs, risk incompatibility with emerging communication trends and increase security risk for the 911 community. 

Today, access to 911 for most is limited to a voice call; in contrast, Next Gen 911 will enable the ability to transmit photos, videos and other existing and future forms of broadband-enabled data, in addition to voice, to 911 professionals. A coordinated approach must be adopted in the transition to Next Gen 911 to avoid a patchwork deployment and limited interoperability with neighboring agencies. 

While NG911 offers significant benefits for telecommunicators, field responders, and the communities served by public safety, it's promise is hampered by challenges and gaps in the areas of governance, funding, technology, operations and education. An agency or region's first priority must be developing and supporting a comprehensive next gen 911 strategic plan.

This whitepaper, "Next Generation 911: A Mission Critical Transformation for Today's 911 System," discusses the foundational elements of a five-year strategic plan that will guide the successful transition to NG911.

This whitepaper discusses:
  • Why today's technology requires modernization
  • What is Next Gen 911, and why we must transition away from today's legacy 911 system
  • Next gen 911 deployment challenges and opportunities
  • The first priority: developing a support a comprehensive next gen 911 strategic plan
  • Why immediate action and leadership is needed