Mission Critical Partners Introduces Three Data Integration Solutions

DataLink, DataSphere and DataScape enable public safety and justice entities to integrate data from a plethora of sources much more effectively

STATE COLLEGE, Pa., December 17, 2020—Mission Critical Partners announced today the launch of three new solutions to help public safety and justice agencies integrate data into their daily operations: DataLink, DataSphere and DataScape. Each solution leverages open standards-based software that MCP subject matter experts adapt and configure based on the individual needs of each client.

Public safety, justice and other mission-critical entities have a great need to integrate and analyze data, a need that largely is unmet today. Public safety and justice agencies need to capture data effectively and efficiently. Data then needs to flow seamlessly between agencies, departments and their field personnel, and between disparate networks and systems. The data needs to be actionable so that it can inform the decision-making process and be made available to any authorized user whenever they need it.

MCP’s new solutions are as follows:

DataLink™ Interface Solution—This solution enables secure, bidirectional data flow between two specific endpoints, such as applications or databases, on a one-to-one basis. Examples include data exchange between a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system and a records management system (RMS) and between an RMS and a state- or federal-level computerized criminal history data repository, such as the National Incident-Based Reporting System or the National Crime Information Center, both maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

DataSphere™ Integration Solution—This solution enables data exchange on a many-to-many basis—think of it as a compilation of many DataLink connections. The idea behind DataSphere is similar to that of DataLink, but its scope is larger by orders of magnitude—it is architected to enable all authorized entities within an ecosystem, as well as multiple ecosystems, to seamlessly exchange data and to manage it effectively.

DataScape™ Analytics Solution—This platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) technology to make sense of a tremendous amount of unstructured data. DataScape enables data gathering from a great many sources, without any need to convert the information into a specific platform. Once the data is gathered, the platform’s AI and ML capabilities are leveraged to “slice and dice” the data, i.e., it is analyzed and contextualized. Patterns then emerge that no one would have imagined before. These patterns greatly enhance the ability to investigate crime and, even better, predict it.

DataScape can be described generically as a “data lake.” But DataScape differs significantly from generic data lakes due to MCP’s intimate knowledge of the public safety and justice landscape, which significantly factors into how the solution is customized for each client.

“Data has been described as the oil of the 21st century, but raw data, like oil, has no utility unless it can be harnessed and refined effectively,” said Kevin Murray, MCP’s founder, chairman and chief executive officer. “In the public safety and justice community, this means the ability to exchange data seamlessly, and to analyze and contextualize it so that it is actionable. MCP’s new DataLink, DataSphere and DataScape solutions are architected to accomplish these goals, and ultimately, have the power to improve outcomes for our clients.”

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