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MCP + Athena: The Leading Provider of IT Services for Public Safety

Posted on November 16, 2018 by Kevin Murray

Earlier this week, we announced that Mission Critical Partners (MCP) has acquired Athena Advanced Networks, enhancing our IT service offering and reinforcing our position as the industry leader in providing independent, holistic services for public safety infrastructure and operations.

The public safety industry is going through a time of unprecedented change. Our future will involve an increasing number of shared and integrated systems and networks. With that evolution comes greater complexity, more vendors, and most importantly, higher risk that must be managed in order to achieve and maintain reliable and efficient networks and operations.

Over the past several years, clients have expressed their need for more support to manage this complexity. MCP joining forces with Athena will significantly expand our ability to help our clients have real-time visibility and control over their public safety systems.

These are the benefits we expect our clients to realize from this partnership:

All-Encompassing Expertise Across the Public Safety Ecosystem

We can now provide mission-critical IT and managed services support and proactive monitoring across the entire public safety ecosystem—all under one roof. This means independent, third-party oversight and support for IT networks like ESInets, data and databases, microwave and radio, and IT infrastructure with the added expertise of computer-aided dispatch, records management and mobile computing systems from Athena.

Independent, Holistic Oversight

What differentiates our combined approach is that we provide objective, vendor-agnostic guidance that puts our clients, and their mission, first. Our firms share the philosophy that at the end of the day, our success is based on the success of our clients and their mission-critical operations.

Best-in-Class, Flexible Support Instead of a One Size Fits All Approach

Our combination makes us the only independent technology and services provider who can offer clients service flexibility, accountability, co-managed support and, most importantly, choice in how they elect to manage and monitor their mission-critical IT, networks and applications.

For MCP, it’s always been about the client and the mission. We are dedicated to increasing the quality of support our clients have come to expect from us, without interruption. As the MCP and Athena teams come together, we look forward to continuing to help our clients solve their most complex challenges consultatively and independently.

More information about MCP and Athena can be found here.

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