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Whitepaper: Exploring the Many Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities of Land Mobile Radio Systems

In the wake of high-profile cyberattacks on public-safety agencies, it's crucial to understand the vulnerabilities of land mobile radio (LMR) systems. Our whitepaper explores these risks and offers actionable strategies to protect your organization. Discover why LMR systems, including those following Project 25 (P25) digital radio standards, can be exploited by cybercriminals. From poor cybersecurity hygiene to weak access control and intrinsically vulnerable internet protocol (IP) based networks, no aspect is overlooked. But fear not! We present comprehensive solutions to fortify your LMR systems against cyber threats implement robust endpoint protection backed by artificial intelligence (AI and machine learning, improve physical security, and verify cybersecurity measures independently. Protect your community's safety and ensure a seamless emergency response. Download our whitepaper now and stay ahead of cyberattacks. Don't wait until it's too late—secure your LMR systems today!

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Topics: Land Mobile Radio, Cybersecurity, White Papers

Posted on August 4, 2023

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