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In-Building Public Safety Radio Coverage: Tips for Overcoming Limitations and Issues

When it comes to emergency response, having reliable public safety radio coverage is imperative to keeping first responders safe and able to communicate when responding to incidents inside of buildings. As natural disasters intensify and terrorists become bolder, building codes and standards become stricter. While thicker walls and reinforced windows are great for the safety of a building’s inhabitants, they also make it more difficult for radio signals to penetrate.

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Navigating the new ANSI Tower Standards: What you need to know

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recorded 8 communications tower fatalities in 2015, 12 in 2014, and 13 the year before.[1] While decreasing, this is an unfortunate statistic considering the numerous industry standards available for adoption that exist to help prevent needless injuries, and even death, from occurring.  

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