MCP In the News: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Four counties in Western Pennsylvania set out to do something that hadn't been done before, and in the process, dramatically improved emergency response regionwide

The counties of Venango, Lawrence, Butler and Mercer, all located within Southwestern PA, all had computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems that had reached end of life and needed replacement. In spite of three of the counties sharing a CAD system vendor, all four counties had standalone systems and were unable to forward essential CAD data when they transferred calls to each other.

Supported by MCP, the counties decided to implement a regional CAD system that would be shared by the four counties, enabling significant cost-savings during deployment and eliminating the need to have backup centers that are expensive to maintain.

Read more about the solution in this article, authored by MCP's Glenn Bischoff, in NENA's The Call magazine.