MCP in the News: Study to Examine the Quality of Internet Service Across Jefferson County, PA

This article originally appeared in The Courier Express and can be viewed here.

BROOKVILLE — Scott Neal with MCP gave an update on the county-wide broadband study being completed for the Jefferson County Commissioners during their meeting this week.

The county is in a contract with Mission Critical Partners to conduct a planning study of broadband services across the county. This is in anticipation of future projects using money the state has made available for broadband improvement.

“In today’s world, internet access is no longer a luxury, it’s an absolute requirement. From education, business perspectives, healthcare, and life, in general, these days, and in rural parts of the country, which certainly Jefferson County qualifies as there has been and continues to be an issue of haves and have nots as far as access to reliable high-speed internet,” Neal said.

Mission Critical Partners is conducting a study in Jefferson County to determine the levels of internet service and to develop a plan on how to address and improve the service in those areas that need it. This will be done through surveys, conference calls, and by Neal himself reaching out to certain organizations.

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Posted on January 31, 2022