MCP In the News: University Police Continue to Upgrade Campus Cameras

Mission Critical Partners is supporting an emergency response initiative at California State University - Fullerton, in Fullerton, Calif., analyzing on-campus cameras and their effectiveness. The goal of the project is to look at areas on campus with the greatest need and provide guidance for security updates, said Mike Miller, MCP business development manager and a CSUF alumnus.

"We might be suggesting a different type of location or different type of camera, a little higher or a little lower, maybe cut some trees down, put some lights here so that cameras can work more efficiently. That's what the premise of our project is: how do we make the campus safer as a whole without invading students' and faculties' privacy," Miller said in an address to the Associated Students' Board of Directors.

Learn more about the project in this article recently published by The Daily Titan, Cal State Fullerton's campus publication.

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Posted on February 5, 2020