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Grant Alert: New Missouri Grants Available to Enhance Local Cybersecurity Preparedness

Posted on September 9, 2022 by Frank Arico

As part of our effort to help clients find applicable grants to achieve their goals, MCP provides alerts about grants that can fund their initiatives. Two new grants were recently announced in Missouri in support of enhancing cybersecurity and making it a higher national and statewide priority.

FY 2022 State Homeland Security Program – Enhancing Cybersecurity Local Preparedness

Grant Overview

Allowable Amount: $5,000 minimum award; $15,000 maximum award 
Apply by: 9/15/2022 by 5 p.m. Central Standard Time

The Missouri Office of Homeland Security announced a new funding opportunity for the FY 2022 State Homeland Security Program, Enhancing Cybersecurity Local Preparedness. This program is designed to help state and local entities build, sustain, and deliver the capabilities required to prevent, prepare for, protect against, and respond to, acts of terrorism in cybersecurity through projects that strengthen local cybersecurity preparedness. The grant should be used for implementing cybersecurity measures that mitigate local risk and enhance the state's cybersecurity posture. The projects must close gaps and strengthen capabilities identified in an agency's Nationwide Cybersecurity Review (NCSR) or other risk assessment.

Allowable costs include, but are not limited to, local end-user cybersecurity training and awareness campaigns, cybersecurity planning, monitoring, scanning and protection solutions for critical infrastructure and legacy technology.

2021 American Rescue Plan Act Public Safety Grant - Missouri

Grant Overview

Allowable Amount: $20,000 maximum award 
Application Opens: 9/15/2022
Matching Requirement: No
Eligibility: Law Enforcement Agencies

Missouri received approximately $2.7 billion in State Fiscal Recovery Funds under the American Rescue Plan Act (2021). State and local governments have flexibility to decide how best to use this funding to meet the needs of their community, including enhancing cybersecurity.

Grant Assistance Resources

MCP has years of experience helping its clients answer questions and offering insights on how to craft a successful application. We can act as your partner, complimentary, in securing funding from these grants to achieve your goals, including support with one-on-one coaching with your application from start to finish or support developing a detailed grant application.

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